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Anchor 20 4/3/2023
Anchor 19 3/24/2023

Alert 19 


The Pre-Program is ready to view


Thank you for your patience.

Go to States> Tentative Agenda> 

Every Advisor will receive the 2023 SLSC Program at Registration. Students will receive a Pocket Program. 

Alert 18


Missing PA Scopes

We are aware of the missing PA Scopes. We are at the mercy of our volunteers - that do an amazing job supporting us - they are doing their best to get the competition instructions to you. Please be patient. The goal was February 2nd. As of this post, we are still missing 21 of 98. Four of the 21 are still missing State Chairs. How can you help our PA Team?


UPDATE 3/8/23 - 4 missing scopes and one Chair needed


  • PLEASE review the Help Wanted Alert #14. We need your help to fill these positions. 

  • Leadership Competitions follow the NTS located in Absorb. 

  • Skilled and Occupationally Related Competitions can follow the NTS to prepare until the PA Scope is added. 

  • Check the Competition Scopes Tab (Under States) often. 

 Young Woman Contemplating
Anchor 18 2/22/23
Anchor 17 2/16/23

Alert 17



March 1st is an important deadline date for SkillsUSA. Please review the calendar on the Home Page for details. 

MOST IMPORTANT is National Registration. Your SLSC participants must be Registered Members to attend. 

Click the photo to link to SkillsUSA National Registration. 

Calendar Pages

Alert 16


Ask the Director

Beginning Tuesday February 21st until March 28th, Dodie will host a ZOOM Meeting each week for PA Advisors to stop by and ask questions. Meetings will be held from 4 PM to 5 PM. Login and stay for an hour, or stop by, ask your question, and leave. 

The ZOOM Link was emailed to the PA Advisors listed under the Master Account. Keep it for your records - it will be a reoccurring link. Hope to see you there!

No meeting on March 7th due to Competition.

Working at the Beach

Alert 15 


SLSC Registration Opens on 2/06/23

For important documents, select the States Tab and review the links. 

The SLSC Checklist is a useful tool - especially for new advisors. 

Open Sign
Anchor 15 2/5/23
Anchor 16 2/13/2023

Alert 14 



Please review the live document. We are in need of assistance in these areas for the State Leadership and Skills Conference for 2023 in Hershey, PA in April. 


Anchor 14 1/09/23

Alert 12 



JSD A - Any skill may be demonstrated, provided it is a skill related to the occupational program of the competitor.

Page 3, Line 3 NTS - Competition Guidelines

JSD Open - Any technical skill may be demonstrated. The skill does not have to relate to the occupational program of the competitor.

Page 3, Line 3 NTS - Competition Guidelines

A is very clear, but we often ponder Open.

Direct from Nationals: The JSD Open technical skill does not have to relate to the program of study, but it CAN relate to the program of study. NTS Purpose: To evaluate each competitor’s ability to demonstrate and explain an entry-level technical skill used either in the occupational area for which he or she is training or outside the training area.

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Alert 12 11/21/22

Alert 13 


Exhibitor, Program Ads, and Scholarship Awards Forms

These forms are available to share with business, industry, schools, or any potential sponsors. They are located under Downloads on our Homepage. Click 2023 Exhibitor Letter of Invitation and/or 2023 Exhibitor Program Ad Scholarship Award Response Form.

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Anchor 13 1/04/23
Alert 11 11/10/2022

Alert 11 


National uploads to PA site

Your National registration is uploaded to the PA site on Friday evenings. At that time, members will be available to register for events on the state/district sites.

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Alert 10 


Updated State Offered Competition List

The list is updated to align with the competition name on the National Technical Standards. You will notice a significant difference in the appearance of the Tech Standards this year. 

Welding Sculpture is now Direct to States. 

Consult your District Chair for more information.

Update 11/2/2022 CNC New name alignment with the National Technical Standards. 

Updated 12/12/2022 CNC 5 -Axis Milling Programmer Demonstration (New to 2022-23) This competition is added to our list of State Competitions, and it will be a Direct to States.

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Alert 10 10/19/22
Alert 9 10/18/22

Alert 8 


Esthetics Theme


The 2022-2023 Esthetics Theme is "Fairy Tale"

SkillsUSA-PA-Logo-white-transparent (1).png
Alert 8 10/7/22

Alert 7 


New Cake Decorating District Competition (State Only)

We are thrilled to announce a Pilot Competition. AT THIS TIME: This competition will stop at the State Level and will not continue to Nationals. It is a two-member team from Culinary and/or Baking and Pastry. We supplied a District Level Scope for Districts that would like to participate this year. One team per District can attend State Competition.

UPDATE: The State Theme will be Fairy Tale


The scope attached here was an introduction to the competition this past fall.

Decorated Cake with Flowers
Alert 7 10/5/22
Alert 6 10/5/22

Alert 6 


Instructions for Total Participation Plan (TPP) Schools

How to become a TPP school. This link will take you directly to the National Site location to acquire the instructions. We are here to help if you have questions.


Click Here

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Alert 5 10/3/2022

Alert 5 


Access the National Technical Standards

How to access the National Technical Standards


The National Technical Standards will be available on October 10th.


Alert 4 


State Pin Design Contest

Please note, there is a minor change to the Pin Design Contest. You will no longer need to include an emblem part. 

Schools may have multiple submissions. Any member may submit one design

PA Flag.png
Alert 4 10/3/2022

Alert 3  


District Chair Website Training

Training is available for your District Chairperson to prepare for District competition.  

Sign up here

Training shot .jpg
Alert 3 9/14/22

Alert 2  


Former and New Website 

You will notice a link in the top left corner of the Home Page. This link will connect you with our former website layout. Change is good, but we also understand the need for consistency while changing. PLEASE refer to dates on all forms as we continue improving our site.

Alert 2 09/01/22

Alert 1  


Welcome & Explanation 

Welcome to SkillsUSA PA Alerts. Each Alert will be dated to simplify your filing system. This section of our website will be strictly pertinent information for your Chapter. Allow me to reassure you – it will be need to know updated info. I will not fill it with useless information. Enjoy! 

SkillsUSA-PA-Logo-white-transparent (1).png
Alert 1 08/31/22
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