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Alert 22


2024 SLSC Tentative Agenda is available


The Tentative Agenda is a reference to prepare for SLSC. If unforeseen circumstances arise, the location and time is subject to change. Review the program when you arrive and listen to the announcements at the Opening Ceremony. 

Go to States> Tentative Agenda

Anchor 22 3/20/2024

Alert 21


2024 SLSC Contest Status Form


The Contest Status form is available for 2024 SLSC. It provides the locations and times of our 99 competitions. If unforeseen circumstances arise, the location and time is subject to change. Review the program when you arrive and listen to the announcements at the Opening Ceremony. 

Go to States> Contest Status

Anchor 21 3/14/24

Alert 18


New Address for the SkillsUSA National Office



673 Potomac Station Drive

PMB #809

Leesburg, VA 20176

Antique Envelope Front
SkillsUSA Primary Logo Color Transparent.png

673 Potomac Station Drive

PMB #809

Leesburg, VA 20176

Anchor 18 1/02/24

Alert 19


Brave Gowns Deadline is February 1st 


Collections need to be mailed by February 1st to be added

to our State totals. Review the flyer on the Home Page.

Checks issued to SkillsUSA Pennsylvania Central Region and mailed to 711 Orchard Court Chambersburg, PA 17201

Anchor 19 1/3/24

Alert 20


Welding and Welding Fabrication March 5th at Penn College


Please register your competitors as soon as registration opens

on February 5th. Do not remove them after competition. If you are bringing more than one advisor to Penn College, please email for confirmation. 

Click the link on the Welding photo for instructions and an agenda. This information is also located under

States> Competition Scopes

Welding specialist
Anchor 20 1/29/24

Alert 17


PA Pin Competition and Contests Explained

There are 3 Pin Designs in PA

1. The Pin Design leads to Nationals - use the National Technical Standards located in Absorb


2. The PA State Trading Pin Contest - this is the pin we use to trade at NLSC. Instructions are located under Downloads> PA State Trading Pin Contest. The submission deadline is Jan 16th.

New in 2024


3. PA VOLVO Pin Contest - this will be a bonus pin for trading at NLSC. Instructions are located under Downloads> PA VOLVO Pin Contest. It's brought to you by VOLVO Construction Equipment!

The submission deadline is Jan 16th.

Pin Cushion
Anchor 17 12/5/23

Alert 16


District and State Login

Advisors and District Leaders: Please be cautious when logging into the website. District registration must be done under your District Login for accuracy.

Typing on Computer
Anchor 16 11/20/23

Alert 14


Welding and Welding Fabrication SLSC 2024

Our State Competition for Welding and Welding Fabrication will be held at Penn College of Technology on March 5, 2024. 

Anchor 14 10/26/23

Alert 15


PA Competitions Offered At a Glance

Check out our "cheat sheet" At a Glance form under the States tab. It is information compiled about our PA Competitions in one location.

Happy Girl Texting
Anchor 15 11/7/2023

Alert 13


Gold Shield Mentor Application

Are you a Gold Shield Mentor? Have you been involved with SkillsUSA in a Mentor position for 20 years or more? Please fill

out the application located under Downloads on our Home Page to receive your badge at the 2024 SLSC.

Anchor 13 10/20/23

Alert 12


CTE Demonstration PA SLSC Pilot Scope

Introducing the new PA Pilot Competition for SLSC 2024. Each District may send one competitor to SLSC 2024.

Brought to you by Penn State ~ Temple ~ IUP

Image by LexScope
Anchor 12 10/18/23
Anchor 11 10/04/2023

Alert 11


Eligibility Explained for Co-Op, Work Based Learning, Diversified Occupations

The following information can be located in the SkillsUSA Championship General Regulations, 2023-24 under our Downloads or at Review the 2023-2024 National Technical Standards for specifics to your competition eligibility.

Page 22

16 a. High school competitors are students enrolled in a coherent program of study, a community training program, and/or a work-based learning experience that prepares the student for further education and/or employment related to career and technical education, including the health industry. Further, a high school competitor must be earning credit toward a high school diploma/certificate or its equivalent during the academic year immediately preceding the National Leadership & Skills Conference (NLSC).

Students with iPad

Alert 10

10/04/2023 UPDATED 10/16/2023

Esthetics and Cake Decorating Theme

The Esthetics and Cake Decorating Theme for 2024 is Doll Face.


Released on 10/13/23> Competition Updates


Dramatic Makeup
Anchor 10 10/04/2023
Anchor 9 9/1/23

Alert 9



March 1st is an important deadline date for SkillsUSA. Please review the calendar on the Home Page for details. 

MOST IMPORTANT is National Registration. Your SLSC participants must be Registered Members to attend. 

Click the photo to link to SkillsUSA National Registration. 

Calendar Pages
Anchor 8 9/1/24

Alert 8



Please review the live document by clicking the Help Wanted Photo. We are in need of assistance in these areas for the State Leadership and Skills Conference for 2024 in Hershey, PA in April. 


Alert 7



JSD A - Any skill may be demonstrated, provided it is a skill related to the occupational program of the competitor.

Page 3, Line 3 NTS - Competition Guidelines

JSD Open - Any technical skill may be demonstrated. The skill does not have to relate to the occupational program of the competitor.

Page 3, Line 3 NTS - Competition Guidelines

A is very clear, but we often ponder Open.

Direct from Nationals: The JSD Open technical skill does not have to relate to the program of study, but it CAN relate to the program of study. NTS Purpose: To evaluate each competitor’s ability to demonstrate and explain an entry-level technical skill used either in the occupational area for which he or she is training or outside the training area.

SkillsUSA-PA-Logo-white-transparent (1).png
Alert 7 9/1/23
Alert 6 9/1/2023

Alert 6

10/30/2023 Updated

National uploads to PA site

Your National registration is uploaded to the PA site on Friday evenings. At that time, members will be available to register for events on the State/District sites.

Confirm your National Membership by emailing once you submitted on the National site. 

SkillsUSA-PA-Logo-white-transparent (1).png
Alert 5 9/1/23

Alert 5 


Cake Decorating will remain in PA

It is a two-member team from Culinary and/or Baking and Pastry. One team per District can attend State Competition.


The State Theme will follow the National Esthetics Competition Theme. The 2024 Theme is Doll Face.

This competition maybe introduced at the National Level soon, but the name may be Cake Decorating or Wedding Cake Decorating - stay tuned for updates. 

Alert 4 9/1/23

Alert 4 


Instructions for Total Participation Plan (TPP) Schools

How to become a TPP school. This link will take you directly to the National Site location to acquire the instructions. We are here to help if you have questions.> Join> How to Join> Total Participation Plan

Click on the Blue Box to go directly to the site. Instructions and prices are available under Total Participation Affiliation and Pricing link located in red. 


SkillsUSA-PA-Logo-white-transparent (1).png
Alert 3 9/1/2023

Alert 3 


How to Access the National Technical Standards

You must be a Professional Member.


The National Technical Standards are available in Absorb.

Alert 2 


State Chair Training

Training is available for State Chairs to prepare for State competition.  

Sign up here

Training shot .jpg
Alert 2 9/1/23

Alert 1  


Welcome & Explanation 

Welcome to SkillsUSA PA Alerts. Each Alert will be dated to simplify your filing system. This section of our website will be strictly pertinent information for your Chapter. Allow me to reassure you – it will be need to know updated info. I will not fill it with useless information. Enjoy! 

SkillsUSA-PA-Logo-white-transparent (1).png
Alert 1 9/1/23
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