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State Offered Competitions

The attached reference agenda is for 2022-23. 

Be Aware - times can change under situational circumstances. They will be altered in red and a dated note will be added here.

Thank you for your patience.


The SLSC Checklist was created to help you feel in control and organized - not to overwhelm you. Not all of the to-do items listed on the Checklist will apply to your Chapter.  
2/13/23 Updates are listed in red.

Office Work
Competitive Exams
  • Leadership Competitions follow the National Technical Standards. Please review the additional PA Scope Updates for information from the Chair. 

  • Scopes will be available when posted by our State Chairs. Please be patient.

  • Double Click the Blue Contest Title to alphabetize the Scope list. 

  • Continuously watch for Updates for possible changes.

  • Scorecards should only be used as guidance. Changes may occur.

Contest Scopes
Contest Status
Study Guides
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