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State Offered Competitions

The attached agenda is for 2022-23. 

Be Aware - times can change under situational circumstances. They will be altered in red and a dated note will be added here.

Thank you for your patience.


The SLSC Checklist was created to help you feel in control and organized - not to overwhelm you. Not all of the to-do items listed on the Checklist will apply to your Chapter.  
2/13/23 Updates are listed in red.

Office Work
Competitive Exams
  • Leadership Competitions follow the National Technical Standards. Please review the additional PA Scope Updates for information from the Chair. 

  • Scopes will be available when posted by our State Chairs. Please be patient.

  • Double Click the Blue Contest Title to alphabetize the Scope list. 

  • Continuously watch for Updates for possible changes.

  • Scorecards should only be used as guidance. Changes may occur.

Contest Scopes
Contest Status

Contest Status
The times and locations will not be accurate until April 1st. If you review this document prior, it is for reference only. 

Study Guides
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