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Friday Flash


SkillsUSA Week, March 1st Registration Deadline, National Pin and T-shirt Design, Snap-on Wants You, Signing Day May 4th, Framework Integration Toolkit, Educational Resources, Tech Fridays, SkillsUSA Store Featured Product.

SkillsUSA Week, Snap-On Wants You, Future Techs Rock Awards, March 1st Registration Deadline, PD Opportunities, Framework Integration Toolkit, Nominations Deadlines, National Pin and T-shirt, SkillsUSA Store Featured Product.

Musical Talent for the National Anthem, March 1st Registration Deadline, New Red Kap Uniform Line, PD Opportunities, Tech Fridays Workshops, Global Youth Service Day, #MasteroftheTrade Scholarship, National Pin & T-shirt Design, National Signing Day, Presidential Awards, "Maker or Fixer", 

SkillsUSA Week, Snap-On Wants You, The SkillsUSA Advantage, Tech Fridays, March 1st Deadlines, PD Opportunities, Framework Integration Toolkit, Pin & T-shirt Design, Presidential Honors.


Skills Jam Docuseries, "The SkillsUSA Advantage", College Grants from ECMC and Lowe's, Arch Drafting Scholarship, Student Safety, Seeking Musical Talent, Presidential Honors, Signing Day, Cluster Lapel Pins, NLSC Courtesy Corps needed.

International Bronze Welder, National Anthem Talent Call, "The SkillsUSA Advantage" Report, Awards Store, Press Release for State Participants, 50k in Grants, Clifford H. "Ted" Rees Jr. Scholarship, National Signing Day, Presidential Honors, Snap On wants you.

National Signing Day, April 1st Scholarship Deadlines, Presidential Honors, "Your Place in Space Challenge", Tech Friday's, Harbor Freight Tools for Schools, Career Z Challenge, Harbor Freight Prize for Teacher Excellence, Postsecondary Scholarships, SkillsUSA Store Spring Deals and Steals.

SkillsUSA Advantage Report, Skills Jam Docuseries, Student Safety, Lowe's Grants, #KeepCraftAlive Scholarship, Seeking Musical Talent, Competition Apparel, Press Release Template, Signing Day, Presidential Honors, "Maker and Fixer" by Snap On.

January 2023

SkillsUSA Week dates and Store, March 1st Registration Benefits, Framework Integration Toolkit, Nominations Open, National Pin and Tshirt Design, Presidential Honors, Tech Friday Workshops.

SkillsUSA Week, "The SkillsUSA Advantage", National Officers Sought, Framework Lesson Plans, National Pin & T-shirt Design Challenge, #MadeInSKillsUSA, Scholarship Apps Open, SkillsUSA Store, Customer Care, Tech Fridays Workshops, PD Opportunities, 2023 Outstanding Nominations Open, Seeking Success Stories. 

SkillsUSA Week, March 1st Deadlines, Customer Care, Tech Fridays, PD Opportunities, Framework Integration Toolkit, SkillsUSA Store, Nominations for National Awards, Pin and T-shirt Design, Scholarship Applications Open.

Free Access to National Officer Candidate Resources, SkillsUSA Week, Register Members by March 1st Deadline, Framework Integration Took Kit, 2023 Nominations, National Pin and T-shirt Design, Presidential Honors, #MadeInSKillsUSA, Store Recognition Awards, PD Opportunities, Tech Friday Workshops. 


Plan Now for SkillsUSA Week, Full Ride Scholarship, Framework Integration Tool Kit, AmazonSmile, Success Stories, #MadeInSkillsUSA, Master Scholarship Application Now Open, SkillsUSA Store Feature, Professional Development Opportunities, 

Build a Successful Chapter, Master Scholarship Open, Advisors: Print Membership Cards Instantly, Honorary Life & CTE Nominations Open, Logo Generator Open on Brand Portal, Amazonsmile, Technical Fridays Workshop, SkillsUSA Store Lana Llama.

Plan for SkillsUSA Week, Honorary Life & Outstanding Educators Nominations Open, AmazonSmile, #MadeInSkillsUSA, Master Scholarship App Open, Presidential Honors, SkillsUSA Store New Arrivals


Presidential Hours, #GivingTuesday, #MadeInSkillsUSA, Advocacy Site, VISION Conference, SkillsUSA Store Holiday Collection, Seeking Success Stories, 

Friday Flash Nov 4

WorldSkills USA Wins Bronze, #MadeInSkillsUSA, T-Shirt Design Challenge, Technical Friday Workshops, Extra Member Benefits Deadline, SkillsUSA Store Featured Product, Success Stories

Friday Flash Nov 11

Big Tips for Advisors, Nov 15th Deadline for Extra Membership Benefits, Logo Generator in Branding, Presidential Honors, #MadeInSkillsUSA, Tech Fridays Workshops, Store Featured Collection, Seeking "Straight-Out-of-High-School" Success Stories 


Chapter Recruitment, Technical Fridays Workshops, Construction Projects, Professional Development, ACTE Teacher and Lifetime Achievement Awards, Virtual Industry Panels, SkillsUSA Week T-Shirt Design, National Apprenticeship Week

Member Benefits, SkillsUSA Week T-shirt Design Challenge, Virtual Industry Panels, Chapter Excellence Program, Google Career Certificate, Technical Fridays Workshops, Professional Development, Chapter Service Projects, Manufacturing Day, ACTE Teacher and Lifetime Achievement Awards

Free Career Essentials Support, Seeking Trades Grads for Championship Magazine, #MadeinSkillsUSA Fall Social Media Campaign, No-cost Virtual Industry Panels, T-Shirt Design Challenge, Nov 15th Deadline for Extra Member Benefits, Wealth of PD, New Official Jacket

Member Benefits, CEP, Career Essentials Support, Technical Friday Workshops, Manufacturing Day


Career Essentials, ELEVATE, Technical Friday Workshops, SkillsUSA Scholarships, Professional Development, Manufacturing Day, ACTE Teacher and Lifetime Achievement Awards

Member Benefits, Chapter Challenge, Professional Development, ACTE Teacher and Lifetime Achievement Awards, SkillsUSA Store, CHARGE, ELEVATE, CHANNELLOCK, SRF Scholarships, 

Membership Kit, Support the trades, Wolverine and Ram Trucks, Manufacturing Day, Chapter Recruitment, CHARGE, Professional Development, Student Research Foundation, Technical Friday, ELEVATE

Career Essentials Certifications, Chapter Recruitment, Technical Friday Workshops, CHARGE, Chapter Recruitment, Professional Development, Support the Trades, ELEVATE

Career Essentials, Chapter Recruitment, Membership Kit, Support the Trades, Membership Registration, WLTI, CHARGE, Manufacturing Day, Professional Development, CHANNELLOCK Contest, ELEVATE


2022-23 Theme, New Portal, Membership open, Guides, WLTI, Professional Development, Research, Technical Fridays, ELEVATE

Membership open, Chapter Challenge, Support the Trades, Student Research Foundation Scholarship, Member Benefits, Professional Development, Technical Friday Workshop, ELEVATE

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