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Our Mission

SkillsUSA is America's proud champion of the skilled trades.
Our mission is to empower students to become skilled professionals, career-ready
leaders and responsible community members. 

Partner of the Year
IBEW Local 143

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VOLVO Construction Equipment is our 2022-2023 Partner of the year

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State Officer

State Officer Team for 2023 ~ 2024 

2023-2024 SkillsUSA Pennsylvania State Initiative 

State Initiative 23-24 Flyer Brave Gowns
State Officer Initiative
State Director

My name is Dodie Amigh, and it's been the thrill of lifetime serving as your SkillsUSA Pennsylvania Executive Director. 

Where it all began: 

I joined VICA in 1987 and I haven’t removed the red jacket since. I was in Washington DC when we officially changed the name to SkillsUSA. I celebrated the 25th and the 50th Anniversary with a team of exceptional advisors and mentors. My passion for this organization is tireless and unwavering.  

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My personal life: 

My family at home discovered if they wanted to be part of my world, then the SkillsUSA family would become part of their lives. My husband, Paul, served as a SkillsUSA Advisor for many years. Truth be told, he has more student National medals under his tutelage than I do. Our daughter, Devyn, earned a National Gold Medal and served as a two-time State Officer. They discovered their own path in this incredible organization. It’s been a family affair. Surprising to most people, we also have a son, Brandon. He never wore a red jacket, but he too embraced the devotion of serving our community in his career. We are a family of servant leaders. 

My priorities in this role: 

My number one priority will always be the student members. I believe that if the advisors are informed and happy, the students will be too. Together we will build on the existing legacy of SkillsUSA Pennsylvania. Loyalty, integrity, transparency, and respect for one another - even when we disagree - are very important to me. I hope you all feel the same. I look forward to this opportunity to serve you. All I ask is for patience and a desire to work towards a common goal ~ the success of our members.  

This year’s theme is “No Limits” and it encompasses what I've observed while working with Team PA! Together as one, we've celebrated our rich and productive history and continue marching towards success. 

Contact Us

By Mail

373 Edna Street

Hollidaysburg, PA 16648


Monday - Friday 9:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM

(814) 312-4924


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